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SCC phlebotomy student preparing needle SCC phlebotomy student preparing needle

Phlebotomists collect human blood samples for the purpose of medical laboratory testing.

The Community Colleges of Spokane's phlebotomy technician program is offered three times a year. This intensive 10-week program provides students with the fundamental skills for entry-level work in the phlebotomy profession. Expert classroom instruction combined with clinical internships prepare students to:

  • Select and prepare skin puncture sites

  • Use a variety of blood drawing techniques

  • Prepare and maintain laboratory supplies and equipment

  • Provide professional, safe, quality patient care.

Students who successfully complete this program will be prepared to sit for the ASCP Board of Registry Phlebotomy exam.

To be placed on the interest list, email:

Certificate Course Fee: $2,075.00
(Includes Lab Fee, Drug Screen, Insurance Fee & National Background Check)
Additional Fees:
Textbook: $81.95
Parking Pass: $28.00
TB Test: $20.00
Scrubs: $55.00
Total Expenses: $2,259.95        
*Out of State Tuition does not apply. Prices are subject to change and may not include sales tax. .

Tuition Assistance:
The phlebotomy program is a non-credit course and is not eligible for federal financial aid.  Additional funding options are listed below.  WorkFirst (WorkFirst Financial Aid may be available for TANF eligible recipients.) tuition assistance questions should be directed to the SCC WorkFirst office at (509) 533-8210. SCC Worker Retraining Program (509) 533-8056, Career Path Services (509) 227-2892, Vocational Rehabilitation Services (509) 363-4700 and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) through WorkSource at (509) 532-3109, may have additional funding sources for qualified applicants. Please contact them directly.

We encourage you to take a quick funding survey at
to see if you qualify for tuition assistance.

All enrolled students will be required to participate in a criminal background check, drug screening, and are required to obtain a two-step Tuberculosis (TB) test.  Positive results will require a chest x-ray stating no active TB.

The 10-week phlebotomy program is extremely demanding and requires a serious commitment on the part of participants. A strict attendance policy is enforced and participants must commit to being present and on time for all classroom and clinical site work.

Professionalism is expected during all classroom and clinical site activities. A written evaluation is completed by each clinical site and may be reviewed by the student when delivered to the instructor. Evaluations are shared with potential employers who call for personal references on job applicants. 

Each assignment, quiz or exam must have a minimum score of 70 percent to pass. A score of less than 70 percent for any portion of the class may result in a failing score. 

Blood Center Foundation Phlebotomy Scholarships

Scholarships for community college students studying phlebotomy at the Community Colleges of Spokane in Spokane and Colville may be offered beginning in the fall. Scholarship applications are offered to non-funded students and if awarded funds will offset registration and program fees.

For more information, contact: