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No alert is in effect at this time.

Emergency Information

Campus security and safety is our number one priority at Community Colleges of Spokane. In the case of a campus emergency, all community members are notified via SMS message, email, automated telephone message, social media channels and websites. CCS automatically enrolls and notifies all students, staff and faculty at CCS through Rave Mobile Safety.  

If you are experiencing or witnessing an emergency, dial 911. You can always check our 24/7 Emergency Operations Hotline (509-533-3303) for information on emergency closures or delays. 

Important Campus Security Resources 


Testing the Emergency Alert System  

CCS sends a test alert four times a year during each academic quarter. If you’re not receiving our tests, manage your Rave contact information. 

Need Help? 

For information about Rave Emergency Alert Communications contact the CCS Communications Department. 

If you’re having or witnessing an emergency, please dial 911.

For scenario and emergency preparedness planning, take a look at our Emergency Management Plan or our Emergency Management Plan Immediate Actions for Specific Emergencies.

Campus Security is our number-one priority at Community Colleges of Spokane. For more information on how we are constantly working to keep our campuses safe, visit the campus security pages.

Operations Hotline

Dial 509-533-3303 to reach the CCS Operations Hotline. If CCS operations are affected by severe weather, or any other type of emergency, the hotline is updated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Note: It’s a looping message, so there may be a delay as calls are answered in the order they’re received.

SCC Security:

24-Hour Emergency Assistance: 509-533-3333
SCC Campus Security Office: 509-533-8624

SFCC Security:

24-Hour Emergency Assistance: 509-533-3333
SFCC Campus Security Office: 509-533-3555

Testing is an important part in ensuring emergency alert systems work as intended. Community Colleges of Spokane sends a test message to all our contacts four times a year during the academic quarter. These messages are only a test. If you’re not receiving our tests, be sure to visit Rave Alerts and manage your contact info.

Signed up but didn't get the text message?

Your cell phone may think the alert message is spam.

Our alerts come from the following numbers:

  • 226787
  • 67283
  • 78015
  • 81437
  • 77295

Apple/iOS Users

  • On your iPhone's home screen, tap the Settings menu to open it.
  • Scroll down and tap Phone.
  • Under the Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts list, tap Blocked Contacts to see which contacts are listed. Check for any of the numbers listed above. 
  • If you have Filter Unknown Contacts enabled, you will need to make a contact with the above numbers. Any missed alerts should appear in your unknown contacts filter.
  • To view filtered messages, open the Messages app, then tap Filters. On the next screen, you’ll see folders for your text messages. Tap Unknown Senders to see messages from accounts not in your Contacts list.


  • Open the Messages app
  • Click the three vertical dots at the right of the search bar
  • Select Spam & Blocked
  • Any incoming alerts in this list can be opened select them and then a dialog to mark as not spam can be chosen.

All students and staff in the Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) database are automatically added to the Rave Alerts system. If the phone number on file is a mobile device, an SMS message and voice message should be sent out when alerts are pushed.

To manage or update your information on Rave Alerts, visit

Log in

Your username is the email registered with your school. If you do not know your password (you should have received an email from Rave when your account was initially created), use the “Forgot Password” link and follow the steps to access your account.

Update your information

Once in your account, make sure your contact information is correct. Also, be sure your mobile phone number is classified as a mobile number. Use the test button if necessary to make sure you’re receiving notifications. Be sure to add any other numbers or emails you wish to receive alerts.

For information about Rave emergency alert communications contact the CCS Communications Department at