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Basics of Selling on eBay

Whether you simply want to get rid of a few items around the house, desire additional part-time income or a lucrative eBay business, this class is your foundation. Lea...


How to Create Your Personal "Grab & Go" Rapid Exit Plan!

Learn how to organize your vital information in a "Grab-&-Go" Binder. Easily convert everything to electronic documents including Photo Albums and S...


Introduction to Vinyl Wrapping

This 110-hour class is a balanced mix of classroom training and hands-on application. Introduction to Vinyl Wrapping is a beginner course and will introduce students to d...

Meditation for Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity

Ancient contemplative know-your-self methods, confirmed by modern brain science, are practiced and discussed to prompt and promote our full human heart/mind potential....



This comprehensive program in the study of victims of crime, Victimology, covers contemporary developments in the field of victimology, its conceptual boundaries, basic c...