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Medical Terminology

Success in the healthcare field requires a solid comprehension of medical terminology. This online course will teach you the language used to describe the human body.

Meditation for Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity

Ancient contemplative know-your-self methods, confirmed by modern brain science, are practiced and discussed to prompt and promote our full human heart/mind potential.

What is learned and discussed:

1) how to calm and tame the mind

2) how to increase awareness and compassion

3) how to find and understand the causes and cures of human suffering

4) how to help ourselves and others in troubled times, such as these.

This class is intended for everyone interested in the benefits of meditation, beginners and non-beginners, alike. Learning, sharing and practicing together will naturally foster appreciation and understanding of ourselves and others, so we can make better moves in everything we do. This is the aspiration.

Instructor Dexter Amend, PhD, long-time meditator, councilor, and Psychology instructor, SFCC