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Female SFCC student on campus in a winter coat Female SFCC student on campus in a winter coat


Excellence | Access | Achievement | Stewardship | Respect


To develop human potential through quality, relevant and affordable learning opportunities that result in improved social and economic well-being for our students and our state.


Community Colleges of Spokane transforms lives and uplifts humanity, inspiring students to lead communities, build the nation and enrich the world.

Equity Statement

CCS believes that access to high-quality education in a safe and inclusive environment is the right of all individuals and imperative for the continued advancement of a strong democracy and workforce. We also believe higher education institutions have an obligation to work toward and demonstrate progress in ensuring equity amongst their students, faculty and staff. Equity is grounded in the principle of fairness. In higher education, equity refers to ensuring that each student receives what they need to be successful through the intentional design of the college experience.

Native Land Acknowledgement

We are honored to acknowledge that the Community Colleges of Spokane, and our main campuses for Spokane Falls and Spokane Community College, are located on the traditional and sacred homelands of the Spokane Tribe. We also provide services in a region that includes the traditional and sacred homelands of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and the Kalispel Tribe.

We pay our respect to tribal elders both past and present as well as to all indigenous people today. This land holds their cultural DNA and we are honored and grateful to be here on their traditional lands. We give thanks to the legacy of the original people and their descendants and pledge to honor their stewardship and values.

Strategic Plan

Approved by the Community College Board of Trustees in June 2011, the 2011-21 Community Colleges of Spokane Strategic Plan includes updated values, vision and mission statements, in addition to four new strategic priority areas with corresponding strategic initiatives.

Those areas are: 

  • Student Success:  Strengthening engagement
  • Collaboration and Communication: Building productive communities
  • Sustainability: Enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Innovation: Supporting a culture of continuous improvement

A team of students, faculty, staff, and administrators began work on the ten-year plan in fall 2010, completing it in June 2011. The team envisioned a future best-case scenario for CCS by studying data about CCS students, employees, college infrastructure, state and regional economy, workforce trends, and initiatives. They also met with students, faculty, staff, educators, business people, diverse community leaders and service providers to identify perceptions of CCS strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Each priority area included initiatives and key performance indicators (see link above to CCS Strategic Plan Summary on this page) that SCC, SFCC and district administration used to build their college, divisions and department objectives.

Looking ahead

College administrators, faculty, staff and stakeholders will soon brainstorm what the next decade has in store for Community Colleges of Spokane, beginning in 2020 ahead of a 2021 launch. As we look forward to 2031 and beyond, it's our promise to implement a set of values, initiatives and principles that not only incorporate our past, but prioritize innovating our future – just like our diverse and ever-changing student body.