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Students standing on the stairs in the SFCC Gateway building Students standing on the stairs in the SFCC Gateway building

Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Plan


To develop human potential through quality, relevant and affordable learning opportunities that result in improved social and economic well-being for our students and our state.


Community Colleges of Spokane transforms lives and uplifts humanity, inspiring students to lead communities, build the nation and enrich the world.


Excellence | Access | Achievement | Stewardship | Respect


Strategic Planning

Charting the Course to a Winning Investment: Trustees approve CCS strategic plan

The Community College Board of Trustees approved the 2011-21 CCS strategic plan at its June 21 meeting, including updated values, vision and mission statements and four new strategic priority areas with corresponding strategic initiatives.

The strategic priority areas are:

  • Student Success:  Strengthening engagement
  • Collaboration and Communication: Building productive communities
  • Sustainability: Enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Innovation: Supporting a culture of continuous improvement

Each priority area comes with related initiatives and key performance indicators (see link to CCS Strategic Plan on this page) that SCC, SFCC and District Administration will use to build their college, division and department objectives and tasks. To ensure plans stay aligned and are on target, all units will use Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) software to document and track progress. SPOL already is in use at SFCC. More than 300 faculty, staff and administrators will learn how to use the system through training sessions this summer and in early fall.

A team of students, faculty, staff, exempts and administrators began work on the plan in fall 2010. The team envisioned a future best-case scenario for CCS and studied data about CCS students, employees and infrastructure; the state and regional economy; workforce trends and initiatives; and more. They also heard perceptions of CCS strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) during focus groups and forums with  students, faculty, staff, educators, business people, diverse community leaders and social service providers.

Strategic plan implementation process

The CCS Strategic Planning Team is currently in the process of information-gathering and analysis that will used to develop strategic priority areas.

Using the planning process used in developing the community colleges' emergency management plan as an example, this flow chart illustrates the steps that will be taken once strategic priority areas are identified.