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CCS believes that access to high-quality education in a safe and inclusive environment is the right of all individuals and imperative for the continued advancement of a strong democracy and workforce. We also believe higher education institutions have an obligation to work toward and demonstrate progress in ensuring equity amongst their students, faculty and staff. Equity is grounded in the principle of fairness. In higher education, equity refers to ensuring that each student receives what they need to be successful through the intentional design of the college experience.


The CCS Equity Council is fully recognized by the board of Trustees as a district organization devoted to the achievement of this vision. The CCS Equity Council serves primarily as an advisory committee to District 17’s Board of Trustees via the Chancellor. All members are appointed by the Chancellor and Trustees shall take part in this group.

Mission Statement

The CCS District Equity Council (DEC) brings together diverse people and interests across CCS to work together in building a more equitable and inclusive environment and to advance racial, social, and economic justice in service to our diverse communities.

The Council fosters an inclusive environment, promotes all types of diversity, serves as a support network and provides training on diversity and equity for the CCS community. Open discussion is encouraged, many voices will be heard, and differences of opinion and experience will be honored.

By acting as a resource group providing input to CCS, this council seeks to inform policy development, enhance educational practices, improve diversity hiring outcomes, improve equitable student success and ensure efforts are grounded in research and data, as well as individual experiences.

General Information

Members of the District Equity Council include members of the Colleges' board, chancellor, administration, faculty and staff members.

Beginning in October, the District Equity Council meets once per month, excluding summer quarter. Meetings of the Council are open to all who are interested in CCS diversity efforts and initiatives.