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Grounds for Complaint

A vendor may file a complaint relative to a solicitation based on the following:

  • The solicitation unnecessarily restricts competition;

  • The evaluation/scoring process is unfair or flawed; or

  • ​The solicitation requirements are inadequate or insufficient to prepare a response

Vendor Complaints:

  • Must be in writing (email is acceptable)

  • Must be sent to the procurement coordinator no later than 5 days prior to bid deadline

  • Should clearly articulate the basis for the complaint

  • ​Should include a proposed remedy

The purchasing manager will:

  • Review the complaint.

  • Respond to the complaint in writing

  • ​Post the complaint and solution, if any, to WEBS, the state procurement website

The agency complaint process does not include an appeal process. The complaint may not be raised again during the protest period.

Protest Procedures

Effective January 1, 2013, any participant in a competitive solicitation (including requests for quotations, invitations to bid, or requests for proposals) may request a debriefing conference within three business days after the Notice of Intent to Award is published.  During this conference, only matters relating to the submissions by the party who requested the conference may be discussed; competitor's submissions may not be discussed.

Only parties who attend a debriefing conference may subsequently file a formal protest, in writing, during the next five business days. The protest shall state the cause of the action relating to one or more of these following criteria only:

  • A matter of bias, discrimination or conflict of interest on the part of an evaluator;

  • Errors in computing the scores or prices; or

  • ​Non-compliance with procedures described in the solicitation document, agency policies or the Revised Code of Washington.

CCS will respond to the protest within ten business days or advise when it will be adjudicated if additional time is required.  The response will be provided by a CCS administrator who has not been involved in the subject procurement.  Aggrieved parties who wish to appeal the response may do so in the Superior Court of Spokane County.

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