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CCS supports parents who may choose home-based instruction for their children by offering a homeschool introductory course that fulfills one of the four ways to qualify in Washington: completing a qualifying course in home-based education at a postsecondary institution or a vocational-technical institute (RCW 28A.225.010 (4)(a-c).

Our parent-qualifying course, is designed to be an affordable, convenient, online, self-paced course taught by a homeschool parent who encourages parents just starting their journey. It will build your confidence and arm you with strategies to acquire resources for community connection, learning, assessment, and record-keeping! The course runs at your own pace and typically takes 5 to 9 hours. A certificate is awarded upon completion.

To enroll, please reach out, and we'll save you a seat in the next course!

Sherry Kenady, MS, SCMP

Past parent enrollees say:

  • "I feel empowered to officially begin this journey with my children."
  • "Thanks, you have the gift of encouragement!"
  • "I had several questions when starting this course and they were all answered. I feel much more confident after taking this course."