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Seeking Director of Head Start

Job Announcement

The board, along with the Chancellor and staff, seeks an individual who possesses exceptional personal and leadership qualities, and who is dedicated to providing high quality education, health, and social services for the wellbeing of our region’s young children and their families.

Minimum Qualifications

An earned master’s degree in Human Services, Early Childhood Education, Program Administration, Public or Business Administration or another closely related field from an accredited institution and five years of relevant administrative experience OR an equivalent mix of education and experience that demonstrates the candidate meets all competency requirements for this position.

Preferred Qualifications

Progressively responsible experience within a large organization of similar scope and scale, to include managing a highly regulated and complex structure; ECEAP or a similar state funded preschool program experience; Oversight of sub-contractors; leading a multi-site agency; demonstrated experience building and maintaining critical working relationships at legislative, regulatory and community levels; Grant planning, writing and management experience; Demonstrated experience successfully planning and overseeing program growth; experience managing in a unionized work environment.

Character Traits

We look for a director possessing the following character traits:

  • A leader who is relatable, approachable and present; who connects effectively with people across all levels and demonstrates a genuine caring for our staff and our clients.

  • A servant leader who has a passion for our programs and the populations we serve.

  • A transparent and effective communicator who listens and enjoys learning.

  • A leader who is modest, humble, calm and with a centered disposition.

  • An effective planner who is proactive, organized and a systems thinker.

  • A visionary, innovative and collaborative leader.

  • An effective delegator who trusts and is willing to hold others accountable for achieving well designed and communicated performance standards.


The next 3 to 5 years the District Director will help the organization:

  • Ensure growth and quality are sustained, aligning future growth to community needs in terms of programs and locations.

  • Ensure organization compliance with new performance standards to include designing, implementing and measuring key performance indicators.

  • Develop a facility footprint strategy that is proactive and grounded in community needs.

  • Develop a staffing strategy that ensures adequate staffing and competency levels in a tight labor market.

  • Develop an enrollment strategy that ensure maximized program enrollments at all sites and stabilizes funding and service delivery.

  • Develop a marketing plan that ensure community awareness, support and advocacy of programming.

  • Help organization better serve more challenging child behavior problems resulting from a variety of socio-economic issues.


  • Maintain and grow a highly motivated, competent and skilled staff through a period of anticipated retirements and competition.

  • Expand on community, legislative and organizational support of programming that current exists.

  • Maintain and grow the quality facilities run by the organization to ensure best service to our communities.

  • Build a synergistic relationship between early childhood education programs and HS/EHS/ECEAP job opportunities.

  • Meet our growing community/region’s need for programming and services.

Terms of Employment

Starting Salary: $97,074
Total compensation: $124,677
Anticipated Date of Employment: May 1, 2020
*Salary updated to reflect recent salary increase.
Nominations and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  However, since the District Director Screening Committee will begin reviewing applications December 13, 2019, submissions are encouraged prior to that time.

Conditions of Employment

The person hired must be able to provide acceptable documentation of U.S. citizenship or lawful authorization to work in the U.S. This is an absolute condi­tion of employment. In addition, CCS maintains a drug-free work and learning environment and prohibits smoking in all college buildings and vehicles. CCS employees must be able to successfully work in and promote a multicultural and diverse work and educational environment.
The offer for this position is contingent on approval by the Regional 10 Office of Head Start as required by the federal regulation at 45 CFR § 75.308 (c)(1)(ii)