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Bigfoot Women's Soccer Team Bigfoot Women's Soccer Team

The Chancellor of Community Colleges of Spokane is conducting a nationwide search to identify the next Athletic Director/Dean of Physical Education and Recreation.

Community Colleges of Spokane seeks a visionary, collaborative and innovative administrator who is capable of leading and sustaining physical education departments at two separately accredited colleges along with one of the largest community college athletic programs in the state of Washington. This individual will provide leadership that adheres to the highest standards of integrity in all athletic, academic and business matters while supporting student learning and success, wellness and student-athlete athletic development.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in Physical Education, Education, Public Administration or another closely related field from an accredited institution. Or an equivalent mix of education and experience that demonstrates the candidate meets all competency requirements of the position.
  • Three years of demonstrated leadership experience.
  • Two years of successful teaching experience.
  • Two years of successful, relevant administrative or management experience in athletics, including fiscal management.
  • An understanding and working knowledge of collective bargaining and personnel management.
  • Knowledge of Title IX regulations and Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requirements.
  • Competence in communicating athletic, intramural, recreation and physical education policies, goals and obligations to staff, students and community.
  • Demonstrated ability to monitor and manage budgets.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the academic and athletic development of all student-athletes.
  • Acceptance of the responsibility to promote the welfare and best interests of students at all times.
  • A demonstrable understanding and acceptance of the mission, values, goals, objectives and strategic plan of CCS.
  • The ability to perform assigned duties in a manner consistent with applicable laws, regulations and goals of the institution, and community and technical college system.
  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering and supporting a teaching, learning and working environment that honors diversity, equity and inclusion.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Successful fundraising experience.
  • Post-secondary coaching experience.
  • Post-secondary teaching experience.

Character Traits

We are looking for an Athletic Director/Dean of Physical Education and Recreation possessing the following character traits

  • An innovative visionary leader skilled in making difficult decisions and moving programs in a positive direction.
  • A leader who has teaching experience and who values student learning and success.
  • A transparent and effective communicator who listens and enjoys learning.

  • An energetic and collaborative administrator who can lead the instructional departments and athletic program while adhering to the highest ethical standards.


During the next three to five years the Athletic Director/Dean of Physical Education and Recreation will assist the division

  • Deal with fiscal challenges, due in part to a change in state law prohibiting the use of state funds on athletic programs and decrease in student enrollment, and seek ways to fiscally sustain the athletic program while maintaining team gender equity.
  • Increase student enrollment after a period of enrollment decline.
  • Fill part time coaching positions that are not associated with a tenured faculty position.
  • Raise funds to repair and maintain aging athletic facilities.
  • Lead the division in meeting CCS, state, federal and Northwest Athletic Conference compliance requirements in an increasingly regulatory environment.


During the next three to five years the Athletic Director/Dean of Physical Education and Recreation will assist the division

  • Lead and support dedicated faculty and staff who care about student success inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Support faculty in curriculum development, development of new programs and innovative course delivery methods at two separately accredited colleges in order to increase student enrollment.
  • Maintain and repair athletic facilities to provide for a safe practice and competitive environment.
  • Support health and wellness opportunities for students, employees and our community.
  • Collaborate with Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation and explore additional revenue opportunities to support the program.

Terms of Employment

Starting Salary: $97,074
Total compensation: $124,677
Anticipated Date of Employment: July 1, 2020
Nominations and applications will be accepted until the position is filled. However, since the Athletic Director / Dean of Physical Education and Recreation Screening Committee will begin reviewing applications March 23, 2020, submissions are encouraged prior to that time.

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