Forms & Documents A to Z

Note: At this time, the majority of CCS forms are in a PDF format that can be filled out. For best results, we recommend you use the latest version of Acrobat Reader when accessing our forms.

Academic calendars
2012 (Revised: December 2011)

Admission application (Online)
Please visit one of our Admissions Offices for a paper version.
Admission application (Quick admit) ccs 40-212 PDF | Word

Acceptable use policy
Accident report  CCS 1220 PDF | Word

ACT 2 program registration  CCS 9022
Additional hours Portal

Adjunct leave  Portal
Adjunct academic employee leave report  CCS 1675
Advertising request (Use Marketing and public relations services request - For best results, use Google Chrome, or Firefox...using Internet Explorer might result in a critical error
Adobe student licensing agreement  CCS 5113

Affidavit of CCS purchasing card (p-card) violation CCS 2204 PDF | WORD
Affidavit of forged endorsement  CCS 2140
Affidavit of lost or destroyed check  CCS 2141
Alcoholic beverage use request (Facility rental addendum) CCS 2155

Alumni Association membership  SCC LinkedIn application | SFCC LinkedIn application
Application for prior learning assessment (PLA) CCS 8425
Application for use of laboratory animals at CCS CCS 0604 PDF | Word
Application security form  CCS 1436

Approval to serve coffee and/or light refreshments 
CCS 2119
Athletics forms

Authorization to release information from student records (FERPA)  CCS 40-200

Articulation agreements
High school articulations

University articulations

Assigned schedule  Portal
Authorization for temporary check-out of equipment  CCS 2806 PDF | Word
Authorization to release financial information
CCS 2138
Authorization to transfer equipment
Bachelor of applied science respiratory care CCS 7308
Behavioral intervention team (BIT) Referral 
CCS 5003e
Benefits information & forms
Bloodborne pathogens exposure incident report  CCS 1295
Building improvement request 
CCS 1291
Business Office
Campus maps
Campus security policy and crime statistics

Career development assignment agreement ccs 16-114  PDF | Word
Career planning guides

Career transitions registration form CCS 8435 PDF | Word
Center for workforce & continuing education training noncredit registration form CCS 8421 PDF | Word
Classified employee time sheet 
CCS 1647
Classified staff scholarship award application form CCS 8426e
Closure of an academic center or institute CCS 40-226 PDF | Word
College facility use agreement 
CCS 2137
College facility use waiver/reduction  CCS 2154
Confidential records destruction authorization (see Records shred request form)
Confidentiality policy acknowledgment 
CCS 2151 PDF | Word
Confidentiality statement CCS 1441
Continuing education registration  CCS 8416
Copyright compliance
CCS catalog
CCS child care programs financial agreement CCS 9610
CCS class schedule
Corrections education: Graduation petition form CCS 40-217 
Corrections education: Quick admit application form CCS 40-218
Corrections education: Registration transaction class add/drop form CCS 40-219
Deccio excellence in equity award nomination CCS 16-110e
Degree requirements

Department fuel card request  CCS 1205 PDF | Word

Direct deposit application  CCS 2613 

Driver safety program recertification
eAdvisor (online academic advising)
Embedded materials form 
CCS 0415
Employee change of address form  NOW BEING DONE IN ctcLINK
Employee tuition waiver form  CCS 40-130
Enrollment Services fee waiver  CCS 40-193
Equipment disposal
Exemption request: Use of private facilities for meetings  CCS 5767 (link coming soon)
Facilities use agreement  CCS 2137
Facilities work order request (online)
Facilities forms
FAX cover sheet
FERPA authorization to release information from student education records  CCS 40-200
Financial aid forms
Freeze Exemption Requests

Foundation forms
Graduation petition form CCS 40-156
Grants and sponsored research
Gift card/certificate purchase authorization  CCS 2147
Graphic services request (Use 
Marketing and public relations services request - For best results, use Google Chrome, or Firefox...using Internet Explorer might result in a critical error 
Grievance report  CCS 1645
Harassment / Discrimination complaint form CCS 1691

Head Start/Early Head Start/ECEAP forms
Hepatitis B immunization consent/waiver CCS 12-105 Word | PDF
High-profile visit checklist  CCS 1300
High school release to attend CCS  CCS 40-140
Human resources (Note: Internal HR forms are located on the CCSnet Human Resource page.)
Intercultural leadership program application CCS 16-106e
Information Systems forms
Information Systems project proposal

Institutional Review Board forms
Intent to apply for external funding  CCS 1509e  For best results, use Google Chrome, or Firefox...using Internet Explorer might result in a critical error
International programs
Key check-out  CCS 1438 eFormFor best results, use Google Chrome, or Firefox...using Internet Explorer might result in a critical error | PDF (for RP1 and some rural areas)

Leadership Development Program
Leave slip  Portal
Letter of recommendation release CCS 40-220
Mailing label/list request  CCS 1405e
Maintenance work order request
Submit online
Marketing and public relations services request - For best results, use Google Chrome, or Firefox...using Internet Explorer might result in a critical error
Marketing & PR forms
Meal approval request  CCS 2120
Medical emergency report  CCS 1220
Music department forms
Noncredit continuing education registration 
CCS 8416
Noncredit transcript request  CCS 9309 PDF | Word
Outreach materials request  CCS 1830
Outstanding classified staff nomination form CCS 8427e
Parent / legal-guardian request for underage admission CCS 9946 PDF | Word
Parking fees

Payroll overpayment notification  CCS 2142
Payroll & benefits information & forms

Personal services contract worksheet  CCS 2728 PDF | WORD
Petition for enrollment in a course in excess of two attempts CCS 4524 PDF | Word
Petition for high school diploma
CCS 9145
Placement reciprocity student request form CCS 8433
Prior learning assessment (PLA) forms

Prior learning assessment (PLA) application  CCS 8425
Public disclosure report   CCS 1823e
Public records request  CCS 2136
Publications & graphics forms
Records disposition log CCS 1433
Records shred request CCS 2744
Registration forms
Release form: educational and training media ccs 1843
Remote access to CCS networks  CCS 1440

Request for vehicle assistance CCS 1293 PDF | Word
Residence questionnaire  CCS 4092

Running Start Materials & Information
Security incident report CCS 1286
Service learning application  CCS 3137
Shipping request  CCS 2802
SCC forms
SFCC forms
Stock record account  CCS 2814
Student concerns form and procedures  CCS 30-06
Student information update app

Student information update form (pdf) CCS 40-194

Student Services forms
TIAA-CREF basic plan: Salary reduction agreement 
Time sheet-classified employee Online application
Transcript request  CCS 4061 
Transfer student rights and responsibilities

Treasurer's Handbook: Procedures for Budget Control and Cash Handling for Student Organizations
Tuition and fees

Tuition waiver forms
Tuition waiver request CCS 5193
Use of private facilities for meetings 
CCS 5767
VEBA vote results
Vehicle operator responsibility (informed acknowledgment)  CCS 2143
Vendor table and space use contract  CCS 5766

Voluntary tax deferral salary reduction agreement  CCS 2146
Volunteer and student intern agreement CCS 2152 PDF | Word

W-4 form (IRS)
Washington higher education residency affidavit/declaration/certification  HECB form
Weekly time & effort report  CCS 2139
Withdrawal form CCS 40-133

Withdrawal exception request form CCS 40-204
Worker retraining, WorkFirst, Opportunity Grant and BFET application and employment plan  CCS 40-198