Tech Prep: important dates and deadlines
Important dates to keep in mind

Sep 1 – Oct 31

·         Last chance to submit renewal request for expired articulations to be effective in the current academic year

·         Teacher verification of class assignments.  Teaching assignments not verified will not be activated in SERS

·         Articulation spreadsheet sent to high schools showing current articulations, teaching assignments, and expiration/renewal dates for current academic year that should be renewed no later than April 15 to be effective the following fall semester.

Nov 1

·         Student registration window opens in SERS

Students should print and keep a copy of the registration confirmation sheet to present to the college for transcription. Earned credit from Tech Prep classes will be posted to a transcript once a student has been admitted and earned 10 credits in residence at SCC or SFCC.


·         First trimester and first semester grades entered by teachers – due Feb 15.  The grading window will remain open until the end of the year.

January 1 – April 15

·         Signed registration sheets to TP office – due Feb 15

·         CTE directors and/or teachers prepare paperwork for renewal of expiring articulations

·         Submit renewal requests for articulations expiring June 30 to be effective the following fall

·         Submit requests for new class articulations to be effective the following fall

·         Notify Tech Prep office of articulations that need to be discontinued

May 1 – June 14

·         Student Registration Closes – May 15

·         Teachers submit grades and verify class rosters are clear before leaving for summer break

·         CTE directors follow-up with teachers to make sure class rosters are clear before summer break

After high school graduation

·        Students admitted to SCC or SFCC may submit the registration confirmation sheet to the transcript office and request that credit from their high school Tech Prep classes be posted to their college transcript. 
Transcription Instructions


Contact Information

Tech Prep Director, MS 1002
Community Colleges of Spokane
PO Box 6000
Spokane WA  99217
Gail Ferrell, Dual Credit Coordinator:  (509) 533-8806