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The Center for Workforce & Continuing Education (CWCE) delivers training that results in measurable improvement to your workforce and your bottom line.
Think about it!  All of the educational resources of the community colleges available at your organization’s disposal.
With customized skill training, you can design an educational solution to fit your organization’s needs. Working collaboratively with your team, CWCE offers your business a one-stop  resource for all of your corporate training. We can bring the training to your office, or host it at our Workforce & Continuing Education Center.
Flexibility is our hallmark, enabling us to deliver staff training in a method that fits your workforce. 

CWCE offers training in high demand subjects such as:
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe
  • Project Management
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership
To take advantage of CWCE training solutions,
contact 509-533-8482 or