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Want to get an early start on your college education? You can do that at Community Colleges of Spokane!

CCS, which includes Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College and Institute for Extended Learning education centers, gives high school students a variety of ways to earn college credit that counts toward high school graduation.

Students interested in earning college credit at their area high school can do so through Advanced Placement and Tech Prep classes. 

Students interested in starting their college experience early can enroll in Running Start. 

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Advanced Placement
Tech Prep
Running Start 

What is Advanced Placement?
Advanced Placement means taking challenging classes right in your high school. If you score high enough on the AP tests, you'll earn college credit toward an associate's degree.  

AP courses are offered in a variety of subject areas and can often be taken to meet your school’s graduation requirements.

What scores will CCS accept on the AP test?

Students who want to apply for high school AP credit must first undergo an interview and receive approval through the Counseling Center at SCC or SFCC. At the interview, students present a copy of the AP College Grade Report and/or other information pertinent to the request for credit. 

Ultimately, it is up to the appropriate department to decide whether its accepts AP credits and determine the course equivalencies. Take a look at current course equivalencies.

How much does AP cost?

AP classes are offered in your high school, taught by high school teachers, for free. Furthermore, there are no fees for AP credit awards.

However, to be eligible to receive credit for taking the class, students must take the national AP exam. Althought AP classes are free, there is a fee for the exam. These tests are not offered through Community Colleges of Spokane.

Where do I find more information about AP?

Talk with your high school AP teachers or your high school counselor for information about what courses are offered at your school and AP testing.

What is Running Start?

Running Start allows eligible high school juniors and seniors to take tuition-free classes at Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane Community College or an Institute for Extended Learning education centers.

These classes earn college credit AND high school credit simultaneously. Running Start students can attend college full or part time. Running Start gives students who possess good study skills, self-discipline, and motivation a wonderful opportunity to seek greater academic challenges through a wide variety of classes to choose from.

It also provides a great alternative to students who find that the traditional high school experience is not meeting their needs.

Want more information - check out a Running Start Information Night

How do I get started?

1. Complete a CCS Application for Admissions and mail in your high school transcript. 

2. Take a placement test, which costs $20

3. Meet with your high school counselor and complete the RS Course Recommendation Form. Your counselor will send it to us.

4. Meet with your college Running Start counselor prior to registration.

5. Register for classes and buy books.

Running Start FAQs
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What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep allows high school students to take specific career-oriented classes at their high school that translate into college credits accepted by community colleges like Spokane Falls and Spokane Community College. 

Tech Prep also gives creative students the opportunity to explore options in design, photography and culinary arts,  to name just a few fields.  And it can be an excellent option for nontraditional students who thrive in an environment where education is hands-on and practical.

In other words, explore different career options in hands-on classes –free of charge, without ever leaving your high school.

How does it work?
Tech Prep focuses on educational experiences in high-demand, high-tech fields -- many of which anticipate critical shortages of skilled workers in the years to come. This means a strong job market along with opportunities for advancement.

Because college credits earned through Tech Prep are part of career technical education programs at community and technical colleges, students can continue their education at SCC or SFCC with college credits already under their belt! (Hint: This saves money!) 

Some college credits may apply directly toward apprenticeship programs, or transfer as electives to four-year schools.

Tech Prep FAQs
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