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Salamanca Study Abroad Summer 2018


For over 20 years, CCS has been connecting our students to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salamanca Spain, for their study abroad experience. This is a faculty-led program, championed by instructors Erin Huebener and Gabriel Valenzuela. While plans are already in motion for the upcoming trip in Summer of 2019, let us enjoy what 2018 alumni shared about their experience this past August.

Group Photo of the Salamanca Study abrouad students form Summer 2018"The time I spent in Salamanca holds a special place in my heart. I had the chance to meet people from across the world and from my own hometown (Spokane!) that I got ridiculously close with. Something about being so far from home allows you to fully let go. Being able to share this experience with a handful of people who similarly embraced the culture and opportunity in Salamanca was an intimate thing. My Spanish notably improved through Colegio Delibes and from being fully immersed in the Spanish community. I’ll never forget the three weeks where I thrived in Salamanca; it exceeded every and any expectation."

"Colegio Delibes was such an amazing environment to continue my learning of Spanish. The teachers definitely made my experience so enjoyable. The biggest challenge was trying to have full conversations! It is one thing to speak here and there, learning new vocabulary and reading in Spanish, but being able to fully comprehend and respond in a meaningful conversation is difficult. Thankfully, the teachers at Colegio were very patient and understanding."

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3/13/2019 3:47:44 PM

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