US-Brazil Connect

The newest study abroad opportunity at CCS is in Brazil, which students have found life-transforming.  Through a partnership with the organization US-Brazil Connect, CCS students become "fellows"--mentors, teachers, friends--to Brazilian high school students.  

The program includes connecting with students online both before and after the trip to Brazil.  While in Brazil, fellows lead classes in English and participate in student-growth activities, with plenty of support from the US-Brazil Connect team.  The four-week stay in Brazil immerses participants in Brazilian culture, a warm culture of singing, laughter, generosity and hugs.

The entire program is not like a typical study abroad experience; it's a mutual exchange of cultures where fellows are encouraged to take on new challenges, realize potential in themselves, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Fellow with Students

In addition to the service learning aspect, CCS students are enrolled in a sociology class which they complete for credit, and for which they can use financial aid.

For more information, contact:

Hadda Estrada
Assistant Dean, Global Education and Strategic Partnerships
SFCC:  509-533-3844, Building 17, Room 106
SCC:  509-533-7033, Building 15, Room 114

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