Homestay Opportunities


CCS provides international students the opportunity to live with an American family. This is an excellent way to quickly improve your English, as well as become more familiar with American customs and culture. Your host family will also take you to events and help you become familiar with Spokane.

You have lots of control over what kind of family you are placed with: with children or without, with pets or without, etc. You can choose to have your family cook all your meals, or you can choose to cook them yourself. 

The cost for Homestay with you providing your own food is $400.
The cost for Homestay with food provided by your family is $650.

If you are interested, apply now.  You can download either a PDF of the application.  Save it, fill it out, and then send it back to our Homestay Coordinator

You may like to view our Homestay Student Brochure. You can also find Homestay Guidelines for International Students in the following languages:  English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

Become a Homestay Family

For people interested, click here to learn how to become a Homestay Family and hosting International Students.