Map of CCS Faculty and Staff as International Resources

Fulbright Scholar Program

Faculty interested in the Fulbright Scholar Program can start by viewing this PowerPoint or by visiting their website.

Athena Fulay, Senior Manager for Institutional Engagement, has also provided these answers to frequently asked questions:

1)  What does "early career" mean?

Early career means more than 5 years of post-doc/teaching experience.

2)  If an award stipulates that a Ph.D. is not required and "open to all levels of scholars, including early career," would community college faculty holding an MA or MFA with only a few years of (adjunct) experience be a viable candidate?

Adjuncts and MA/MFA candidates would be eligible, depending on the award stipulations. Adjuncts are welcome to apply, but I would recommend they speak with specific program staff in their region of interest to determine what their competitiveness may be. Some are completely open to adjuncts and professionals; others are really seeking academics at a certain level in their career within academia. It will vary greatly from country to country.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Program Development

If you are interested in developing a CCS Study Abroad program, these are the steps to take.

1)  First, contact the CCS Study Abroad Coordinator, currently Associate Dean Allison Blizzard (, to discuss your ideas and decide how best to move forward in the process.

2)  Submit to the Study Abroad Coordinator drafts of the "Request for Approval of Study Abroad Program Form" (CCS 40-174) and a "Budget Outline and Compensation Authorization Form" (CCS 40-197).  Both forms can be found on the CCS's International Programs Forms page.

3)  When both forms have been finalized, they must receive approval from the Department Chair(s), Dean(s), Global Education Office, and the Vice President(s). 

Program Development usually takes at least six months.

Study Abroad Important Criteria and Considerations

1)  For safety reasons, CCS Global Education requires that two instructors participate in any faculty-led programs.

2)  A Study Abroad program should enable students to earn college credits needed to graduate.  It should also be reasonably priced to ensure accessibility for all students.

3)  See 7 Ways to Attract Diverse Studets to Study Abroad for promotion ideas.

4)  See here for Best Practices for Increasing Study Abroad Participation.

Financing Study Abroad

1)  Students may apply for the Gilman Scholarship.

2)  Other possible scholarships can be found through NAFSA's Study Abroad website.

3)  Contact the Financial Aid office as early as possible.