Is CCS traveling to your part of the world?

CCS will be in Taiwan at the Spring 2018 OH! Education Expo  Spring OH! Study Overseas Education Expo
March 3 and 4 Taipei
World Trade Center, Hall #1
March 5 Kaohsiung
Howard Plaza Hotel
March 6 Taichung
Splendor Hotel
March 7 Hsinchue
Fleurlis Hotel
For more information about the fair, please refer to:
Will we see you at EduChina-Bela International School Tour Spring 2018? Concordia World University Fair 2018
March 9 Changsha, Hunan
Hunan Normal University High School
March 13 Ganzhou, Jiangxi
Wenqing Foreign Language School of Ganzhou
March 14 Wuxi, Jiangsu
Jiangsu Meicun Senior High School
March 15 Taicang, Jiangsu
Taicang Teaching Center
March 16 Sanshui, Guangdong
Guangdon Sanshui Teaching Center
For more information regarding the events, plase visit: or send an email to global to set up an appointment to meet.
March 11 Shanghai 8th Annual Concordia World University Fair
For more information or to sign up for this event, please see:
Friends ISN Spring 2018 Gulf Expo
Feb. 20 Aman, Jordan
Feb. 21-22 Cairo, Egypt
Feb. 23-25 Dubai, U.A.E.
Feb. 26 Manama, Bahrain
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Upcoming Online Events
CollegeWeekLive  International Student Days!
Join us for live, interactive chat sessions - a great place to ask questions and learn more about CCS. Watch for our videocasts during these events, too. (It's free to join, see you there!)
May 9, 2018 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET

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