Transportation, distribution and logistics
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Cluster description
Transportation careers manage the movement of people and material.  Transportation-related occupations offer high-tech, high-wage opportunities that are at the forefront of globalization and trade.  Did you know that Washington is the nation’s most trade-dependent state?  In fact, one in three Washington jobs depends on international trade.

Necessary skills 

Transportation-related careers demand a good understanding of science and math, excellent written and verbal communication skills and problem-solving ability. 

Educational path 
At SFCC and SCC, most programs prepare students for challenging careers in just two years or, in some cases, one year.  Most programs include both classroom learning and hands-on experience.  Many careers have licensing requirements, which sometimes require postgraduation internships.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

Contact information
Spokane Community College
Counseling center: 509.533.7026
Admissions Office: 509.533.8020

Spokane Falls Community College

Counseling center: (509) 533-3525
New Student Entry Center: (509) 533-3401

Transportation, distribution and logistics programs
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Automotive collision and refinishing technician (SCC)
Automotive technology (SCC)
  - Automotive technology certificate
  - Automotive transmissions/transaxles certificate
  - Brakes and suspension certificate
  - Electronics/electrical certificate
  - Engine repair certificate
Automotive: Toyota T-TEN (SCC)
Aviation maintenance technology (SCC)
  - Airframe maintenance certificate
  - General aircraft maintenance certificate
  - Powerplant maintenance certificate
Diesel/heavy-duty equipment (SCC)