IEL forms & documents (Note: The IEL merged with SCC in 2013.)

Apply for credit classes at the IEL (online)
Please visit one of our Admissions Offices for a paper version.

Academic success contract  CCS 9148
ACT 2 program registration  CCS 9022
Adult education enrollment form  CCS 9138
Authorization to release financial information  CCS 2138
Colville textbook requisition  CCS 5111
Computer training approval CCS 9401
Corrections education noncredit registration  CCS 5463

Facility scheduling request  CCS 5769  Word document  Fill-outable PDF
FERPA authorization to release information from student education records 
CCS 40-200
Financial aid/information
GED test fee request CCS 9151
GED transcript request 
CCS 9313
High school transcript request  CCS 9312
Model release  CCS 1816
Noncredit transcript request  CCS 9309
PACE/SEER noncredit registration  CCS 8409
Petition for high school diploma  CCS 9145
Head Start/Early Head Start
Noncredit transcript request  CCS 9309
Registration/add/drop  CCS 40-145
Tuition and fees  Tuition & fees | Parking fees
Tuition waiver request ccs 9153
Transcript request  CCS 4061
WSU math learning registration  CCS 9029