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Accra-Fab Focuses on Quality

Accra-Fab partnered with our team to provide employee courses in Lean, project management and time management.

“We have been running Lean 101 and Lean 102 classes since June, and we are definitely seeing results. The shop efficiencies are increasing even with the addition of new employees. Lean principles are becoming the “culture” now instead of the new program. As new employees come on, they are starting with the Lean 101 class which is giving them the basics and showing them that Accra-Fab is committed to training its employees. The exceptional quality (that Accra-Fab has always been known for) has jumped to the next level. This is due to the training that we have worked with you and your team to implement. What a fantastic group to work with, and they deserve recognition also for the overall improvements Accra-Fab has made through this current training project,” said Barry Stewart, Accra-Fab Human Resource Director.

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