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A plate of appetizers A plate of appetizers

INCA After Dark

Inland Northwest Culinary Academy After Dark

The Inland Northwest Culinary Academy (INCA) offers interactive courses for beginners up to accomplished cooks taught by the region's top chefs in Spokane Community College's state-of-the-art teaching kitchen.

Welcome Back to INCA After Dark!

Dinner in 30 minutes

Need dinner in a hurry? Learn 3 entrees with mix and match side dishes for your family on the go. Sautéed chicken marsala, fresh lemon chicken piccata, pan-sear...


Perfect Appetizers for Any Party

Heading into the holidays blind? It feels like a reunion as the last few were cancelled. Lets make some Christmas canapes including perfect stuffed mushrooms, pear, ca...


Thanksgiving Sides to Impress

Tired of the same old traditional side dishes? Or a new take on those side dishes. This class will help all of you who are chosen to simple "bring a side dish, ho...


Up close photo of taco
INCA After Dark chef's sessions more like a party

Chef Laurie Faloon doesn’t stay behind the counter.

During her evening cooking classes at Spokane Community College, she plays music, serves adult beverages and bops around the kitchen floor, personalizing instruction.