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The total liability of Community Colleges of Spokane for claims arising from a contractual relationship with the student in any way related to classes or programs shall be limited to the tuition and expenses paid by the student to CCS for those classes or programs. In no event shall CCS be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of earnings or profits.   BACK

Tuition and fees may be paid by personal check, cashier’s check, money order, MasterCard, Visa or by cash—if in person. Bank cards also are accepted for bookstore purchases. Please note: Accounting controls prohibit the issuance of cash refunds. Refunds will be made by check if payment is by cash or check. Refunds will be made to credit/debit card if payment is by credit/debit card. Refunds will be made to the appropriate agency’s account if payment is by an agency. A $7 administrative processing fee is deducted from refunds of cash, check or credit/debit card payments.  BACK

If you have received your financial aid award, payment will be automatically applied. However, if the award does not cover the entire amount, or you add classes after your financial aid check balance has been generated, payment is your responsibility and due by the payment due date. You may check your payment status regarding tuition and fees by viewing your class schedule on the web.Once disenrolled, there is no guarantee students will be able to get back in the same class(es) or program(s) because other students may have registered for the last seat(s). If a dispute arises over payments or charges to credit/debit cards, students will be disenrolled from classes. NSF checks are sent directly to a collection agency. Service charges are assessed on all returned checks.   BACK

A tuition installment payment plan (TIPP) allows students to pay tuition in three payments throughout the quarter for which they enroll. Students enroll in the plan upon registration. At that time, they must pay a nonrefundable $30 enrollment fee and the first of the three payments. To qualify, students must enroll no later than one week before the tuition due date (see Important Dates to Remember) and register for at least 12 credits. Students are dropped from the program if they miss a payment and are not allowed future TIPP enrollment. International contract students are not eligible for this program. Call 434-5226 or 434-5228 for information.  

Information on lab and course fees charged or applicable classes may be accesssed at Go to "Student Services" and click on "Tuition and Fees."   BACK

Subject to change without notice.I f tuition and fees have been paid by the student’s state or federal financial aid, cash, credit or debit card, or other payment methods (ie, scholarships, agency funding, etc.), it is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from college whether he/she attended class or not by the quarterly class schedule deadlines. Students who find it necessary to totally withdraw from college should first consult with a faculty adviser or counselor. Failure to follow the required procedures for withdrawal may result in failing grades being submitted; possible repayment of veteran benefits, financial aid, etc., and forfeiture of all claims for refund or tuition and fees.   BACK

State Support Credit and Noncredit Classes
Students who withdraw from college in accordance with withdrawal regulations may apply for refunds according to the following schedule:

Refund dates

When a student withdraws from all classes at the college, and wishes to enroll in a future quarter, an application update form must be filled in and returned to the college’s Admissions Office to secure an appointment for registration.

Refund and withdrawal dates for classes that do not follow the regular college calendar are based on a proportionate relationship to the length of a standard quarter. A list of these classes is available in the registration area. These schedules prevail whether the student attends class or not. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the paperwork for refund requests other than for class cancellations. To prevent a “W” grade (withdraw) showing on the student transcript, the student must drop the class or withdraw completely by the tenth day of the normal quarter, eighth day for summer quarter. Short courses will be prorated accordingly.

Tuition and fee refunds for students receiving financial aid will be governed by applicable CCS procedure, state and federal laws. Contact the Financial Aid Office for specific information.Refunds for lab and course fees will be in the same proportion as the tuition refund schedule. Refunds for classes that do not follow the regular college calendar are based on a proportionate relationship to the length of a standard quarter.   BACK

A refund of tuition and fees may be made if a student’s credit hour load is reduced.Lab and course fees will be refunded at either 100% or 50% if the class is dropped during one of those refund periods; otherwise no refund will be processed.  BACK

If a program or class is canceled, the student will be granted a full 100% refund upon completing the official withdrawal or drop process either by the appropriate form or by using our web registration system (when available).   BACK

Spokane Community College: Students may drop all classes (withdraw) on the web through the first day of the quarter. Beginning the second day of the quarter, SCC students will follow instructions 1-4 listed for SFCC (below).

Spokane Falls Community College: Students will be required to withdraw or drop classes using web registration through the third day of the quarter. Beginning the fourth day of the quarter, SFCC students must do the following:

1. To obtain a refund, the student must complete and turn in an official withdrawal or add/drop form to the Registration Office by the refund dates listed previously.
2. The refund will be issued to the student within two weeks from the date the Registration Office processes the withdrawal or add/drop form. A $7 processing fee may be deducted from the refund amount.
3. Debts owed to the college must be paid in full before the refund is issued or the college may apply refunds to debts the student owes the college.
4. Tuition and fees paid by an agency, such as scholarships, financial aid or private grants, are refunded to the appropriate account.  BACK

Students who fail to attend class the first three days of the quarter may be dropped by the instructor. Please note that this is at the discretion of the instructor and would require attendance to be taken the first three days.Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for any refunds.  BACK

Exceptions to the refund policy will be considered only if, in the judgment of the college, an extreme hardship has been caused by illness, hospitalization or military transfer. A student must submit an appeal for an exception to the refund policy in the form of written documentation to the dean of student services at SCC or the registrar at SFCC before a refund may be considered. All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors—as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.  

Community Colleges of Spokane, recognizing its responsibility to provide cultural and social leadership and uphold the laws of the United States (Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended) and the state of Washington (Chapters 49.60 RCW and 357-25 WAC) regarding equal employment opportunity and the elimination of discrimination and harassment within the workplace, adopts the following policies:

1. Equal Employment Opportunity
As an employer,Community Colleges of Spokane has the ongoing responsibility to follow equal employment practices and conduct outreach within geographic areas where analysis of current employment shows under representation of women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, Vietnam-era veterans, veterans with disability, and persons over the age of 40 within the various job categories of the district.

2. Nondiscrimination/Anti-harassment
Community Colleges of Spokane is committed to providing a work environment free from any form of discrimination or harassment directed to any individual or group on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status. Fostering and developing the understanding of diverse social and cultural traditions of all people in the workplace is a fundamental role of the district. Prejudice and bigotry, including racism, sexism, and any other bias that creates barriers, perpetuates stereotypes or promotes ignorance, is contrary to the mission and obligations of the district. It has no value or place in this academic community, shall not be tolerated, and pursuant to this policy, shall be prohibited. Confirmed violations of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  

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