Strategic planning resources

Throughout the strategic planning process, we'll refer to a variety of resources. Here's a list of what we're reading, listening to and watching!

Fall 2012 progress report (PDF)

Fall 2012 progress report addendum (PDF)

Redesign/Restructure/Re-engineer budget survey report (PDF)

Revenue budget survey report (PDF)

Cost/Service Reduction budget survey report (PowerPoint)

Redesign/Restructure/Re-engineer budget survey report (PowerPoint)

"7 Ways to Weather a Storm" by Mark Toner, Trustee Quarterly, Spring 2010

CCS Annual Student Achievement Initiative Report: 2009-10 (draft)

Defining College Success

Desautel-Hege research report (PowerPoint)

Desautel-Hege research report (Word document)

Student Success Decision-support (PowerPoint)

Supporting Student Success: Prevening Loss, Creating Momentum