Chapter 7 – Miscellaneous

7.30.05 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

Community Colleges of Spokane provides information technology resources (IT resources) to support the instructional, support and administrative activities of the district. The IT resources are intended for the sole use of college faculty, staff, students and other authorized users. IT resources include but are not limited to host computer systems, web sites, desktop computers and workstations, communications networks, electronic software, electronic hardware, library automation systems, multi-media equipment, electronic data, computer files, video networks, telephones, voice mail, e-mail, and internet resources. IT resources will be used according to state laws and the policies and procedures of the district and its institutions. Use of CCS IT resources, as state resources, does not confer a right to privacy in those resources. CCS reserves the right to monitor its IT resources and to take appropriate action to protect the integrity of its IT resources in accordance with existing laws, policies and procedures.

Violations of this policy or implementing procedures may subject the user to disciplinary action.

[Adopted 12/20/05; effective 01/01/06; formerly 1.70.07]

7.30.05 Administrative Procedures  

  1. Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
  2. Cell Phone/Communications Devices 
  3. IT Support for Privately-Owned Equipment