SCC forms and information

Apply to SCC (online)
Student checklist CCS 5013 PDF | Word
Please visit one of our Admissions Offices for a paper version.

Admissions, registration & testing steps CCS 4523
Application: Center for Entrepreneurship at SCC CCS 6113
Classified staff scholarship award application form CCS 8426e
Club fundraising approval form CCS 5765
Club fundraising tally form CCS 5764
Cosmetology daily task/performance report  CCS 7116

Course substitution or evaluation  CCS 40-155 PDF | Word
Deccio excellence in equity award nomination CCS 16-110e
Event booking request form: SCC Lair-Student Center (Web application)
Experiential learning application CCS 3118  PDF | Word
Experiential learning employer evaluation CCS 3116  PDF | Word
Experiential learning job-related cbjectives CCS 3115  PDF | Word
FERPA authorization to release information from student education records  CCS 40-200
Financial aid forms
Graduation petition (degree or certificate) CCS 40-156
HEET program student intake form  CCS 7009
International student vertification of financial capability  CCS 40-105
Intercultural leadership program application CCS 16-106e
Name and mailing address change  CCS 4094
Outdoor reader board request CCS 5465e
PACE forms & documents
Perkins funding request CCS 4205e
Placement reciprocity student request form CCS 8433
Registration transaction form
CCS 40-164 Word | PDF
Residence questionnaire  CCS 4092
Satisfactory progress petition  CCS 4336
Security detachment  CCS 40-190
SEER forms & documents
Student activities club travel request  CCS 5762
Student activities purchase request  CCS 5763
Student conduct incident report  CCS 5010e

Textbook requisition form CCS 5110
Title IV code of conduct
Transcript request 
CCS 4061
Tuition and fees
Verification of enrollment request  CCS 40-177

Veteran remedial authorization  CCS 4812
Veteran reporting form  CCS 4811
Veteran student information authorization  CCS 4813
Withdrawal form CCS 40-133
Worker retraining funding request
CCS 4206e