Fair Use for video and broadcast and The Face-to-face Teaching Exemption
[This explanation originates with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. and is reproduced here with permission.]

The Face-to-face Teaching Exemption

Section 110 of the 1984 Copyright Act provides a specific exemption to the licensing of what is clearly a public performance, otherwise known as "face-to-face teaching."

  • To qualify for the exemption, the showing must occur in a face-to-face teaching situation at a nonprofit education institution and meet the following seven criteria:
  • Performances and displays of audiovisual work must be made from legitimate copies (not copies of legitimate copies nor copies from broadcasts)
  • Performances and displays must be a part of a systematic course of instruction and not for entertainment, recreation or cultural value of any part of the audience.
  • The instructor should be able to show how use of the motion picture contributes to the overall course study and syllabus.
  • The course does not have to be a credit course, but must be recognized by the university and one for which people must register.


 Students and instructors can play lawfully made video materials in a nonprofit educational setting when the purpose is educational.

  • Performance and displays must be given in classrooms and other spaces devoted to instruction. Library screening rooms, residence hall lounges, and cafeterias do not qualify.
  • Performance and displays must be part of the teaching activities of the nonprofit educational institution. Businesses that conduct educational seminars and some technical schools do not qualify.
  • Attendance is limited to instructors, students and guest lecturers. Only people registered for the class can attend the screening, and no fee specific to the showing can be charged.

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For more information, contact your college/unit copyright compliance officer:

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