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Phlebotomy Program Information

Considering Phlebotomy? 
Develop the Skills You Need for an Entry-level Position
in a Medical Facility Drawing Blood.

10 week - 2015 Course
GED or HS diploma required

Course Information

Phlebotomists draw blood for laboratory tests and blood donations. This course is offered twice a year during fall and winter quarters. The 10-week program includes classroom instruction (82 lecture hours and 16 lab hours) and an additional 120 practical lab hours, conducted under the direction of certified phlebotomists and supervisory personnel in various clinical settings.

The number of students is limited, allowing for a one-on-one relationship between instructor and student. The first four weeks, classes are 3:00 to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Weeks five through ten, classes are 3:00 to 6:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, with clinical site work taking place during the day. Clinical site schedules vary, but generally take place for four to five hours each morning, five days a week.

Cost and Tuition Assistance

The registration fee is $1,705, which includes your class fee, lab fee, background check, and insurance. Additional expenses include: textbook ($76.83), drug test ($15.00), tuberculosis test ($50), and parking pass ($24.00).
The total program estimated cost is $1,870.83. Out-of-state tuition does not apply and all prices are subject to change.

The phlebotomy program is a noncredit course and is not eligible for federal financial aid. However, tuition assistance options, such as Worker Retraining Grants, WorkFirst financial aid, may be available for eligible participants. Career Path Services and Vocational Rehabilitation Services may have additional funding sources for qualified applicants.

For information: The phlebotomy program is a non-credit course and is not eligible for federal financial aid. Additional funding options are listed below. WorkFirst (WorkFirst Financial Aid may be available for TANF eligible recipients.) tuition assistance questions should be directed to the SCC WorkFirst office at (509) 533-8210. SCC Worker Retraining Program (509) 533-8056, Career Path Services (509) 227-2892, Vocational Rehabilitation Services (509) 363-4700 and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) through WorkSource at (509) 532-3109, may have additional funding sources for qualified applicants. Please contact them directly.

Program expectations, work conditions and hazards

The 10-week phlebotomy program is extremely demanding and requires a serious commitment on the part of participants. A strict attendance policy is enforced and participants must commit to being present and on time for all classroom and clinical site work.

Professionalism is expected during all classroom and clinical site activities. A written evaluation is completed by each clinical site and may be reviewed by the student when delivered to the instructor. Evaluations are shared with potential employers who call for personal references on job applicants.

Each assignment, quiz or exam must have a minimum score of 70 percent to pass. A score of less than 70 percent for any portion of the class may result in a failing score. 

Mandatory Orientation
                 Magnuson Building, 2917 W. Fort George Wright Dr., Spokane

Call 509-533-8482 for information.

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