IELP Classes and Levels

Intensive English Language Program (IELP) classes are interactive and communicative. So, you talk with classmates and instructors about what you are reading, writing and listening to every day. You also give presentations, read and write academic texts, and learn strategies for successful interaction in college classes and professional settings.
The IELP has integrated the Writing, Reading, and Listening/Speaking courses into what are called the “Core” classes. This means that you improve your language skills by doing classwork that connects them all. In addition, you will take a “Grammar in Action” class that allows you to learn the grammar points you need and then use what you learn in exciting individual and group projects.
There are four levels of instruction in the IELP:
English 50/52/53/54: High Beginner
English 61/62/63/64: Low Intermediate
English 71/72/73/74: Intermediate
English 81/82/83/84: Upper Intermediate / Advanced
Students usually study one level each quarter. For example, if you begin in the Intermediate level in the Fall quarter, you can move on to the Upper Intermediate / Advanced level in Winter quarter and then on to regular academic classes at SCC or SFCC in Spring.