Payment Methods

Students must be ready to pay for their tuition and fees at the beginning of each quarter.  Community Colleges of Spokane accepts the following forms of payment for tuition and fees:

Credit Card Online

Students can pay for classes online using a credit card by going through their myBigfoot page, after they have officially registered for classes.  Depending on the campus where you are enrolled (either SFCC or SCC), follow the links to register for classes, make payments, retrieve or change PIN, etc.

Note: International students who are registering for their first quarter at CCS must pay in-person either by check (drawn on a U.S. bank), credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or money order.

Credit Card Payment Authorization

Application fees can be made by completing this form and sending to us via mail or by fax as listed on the form, or by email to this email address:

Payments in Person or by Mail

Payments in person can be made either by credit card, personal check, and money order.  Personal checks must be drawn on a United States-based checking account and money orders must be issued in the United States for the exact amount of charges.  

Payments may be mailed, but there is no guarantee that it will arrive in time.  If you do mail your check or money order it should be sent to the appropriate campus cashier's office where you are attending:

Spokane Falls Community College
Attn: Cashiers Office, MS 3171
3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive
Spokane, WA  99224
Phone: (509) 533-3569
Building 17, Student Union Building 

Spokane Community College
Attn: Cashiers Office, MS 2155
1810 N. Greene Street
Spokane, WA  99217
Phone: (509) 533-7025
Building 50, Max Snyder Building

Payment Made by Family Members or Agents

In order for someone other than the student to pay tuition and fees, the student themselves must complete an Authorization to Release Information form and return it to the Global Education Center for processing.  This can be done at time of registration for classes during the first quarter of classes.  This form authorizes the release of necessary information to the person paying any or all of your tuition and fees.  A special codeword will be provided for someone to use when making payments.  


We strongly advise new students to set up a bank account to make payments and for parents to wire transfer money to them.  For further information about banks in the Spokane area, please visit our webpage on "Banking."