Attendance Costs

Because individual tastes and habits vary greatly, it is impossible to predict exact expenses for attending SCC or SFCC; however, the cost for a nine-month academic year at the community college is approximately $16,704. This includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, health insurance, housing, meals, local transportation and personal expenses (costs are subject to change).

For international students taking academic courses, the average education and housing costs for three quarters (2013-2014) is: 

Tuition and fees--           $8,679*
Housing and meals        $6,000
Miscellaneous--              $2,025

For international students taking our intensive English language program (IELP) the average tuition costs for three quarters (2013-2014) is:

Tuition and fees--           $9,450

For international students in the American Honors program, the average tuition costs for three quarters (2013-2014) is:

Tuition and fees--          $12,150

Housing, meals, and miscellaneous costs are the same for all students (both academic and IELP students) 

Note:  all costs are in US $

  • *Tuition is based on 12 credit hours.  Exact tuition costs, which sometimes include class lab fees, may be slightly different from this amount, but usually no more than $400.
  • Housing costs are estimated based on an average for a student attending Community Colleges of Spokane and living either in our homestay program or in an apartment.
  • Health insurance is mandatory and is covered under miscellaneous costs.

    You can see the total estimates by looking here.