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Money Matters

Most people wonder how much attending college will cost them, how they can make payments to the college, and how they can fund their education in the United States.
Employment in the United States

Employment is any activity for which you receive compensation.  Compensation does not only refer to receiving money.  For example, if you receive room and board in exchange for providing housekeeping or baby-sitting is considered compensation.  Our host families are not allowed to offer you less rent in exchange for baby-sitting their children.

Self-employment (for example, offering personal services, making and selling products, or anything that leads to income-producing activities in the U.S.) is not allowed.

Income from investments, interest on bank accounts, and similar funds are not considered income from employment because you are not working for the income/compensation. 

Talk with the International Program Coordinators at CCS or an immigration lawyer about opportunities to work in the U.S.  Look into the F-1 Employment benefits and restrictions.

Annual Expenses

The Global Education Office provides an estimate of annual expenses for CCS international students and their dependents.

Funding Options

Paying for your studies in the U.S. is a challenge many international students face while studying at CCS.  While CCS does not offer scholarships, grants, or other forms of aid to international students studying in the United States, there are other funding opportunities available.

Social Security Number

Students having F-1 status who are employed in the United States anywhere (including on-campus) must apply for a Social Security number.


Most F-1 and J-1 students must file forms each year with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), even if no income was earned.  For information about your tax obligations review, the Global Education Office tax information.

CCS Tuition and Fees

The CCS Cashier's Office at each campus answers these and other questions, such as: How much do I owe?  When is it due?  How do I pay it?

You can find out how much you owe, when it is due, and how to pay for it, via your myBigfoot account