Homestay FAQs

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What is the international homestay program?

The international homestay program is an exciting opportunity!

International students in the CCS homestay program:
  • Experience family living in the United States
  • Establish relationships with Americans and people from other countries more easily
  • Greatly increase their proficiency in English
What about my social life and interacting with homestay family members?

International homestay students are encouraged to interact with homestay family members and will be invited to participate in regular family activities.  Homestay is not intended to be strictly a room and meals arrangement.  Household members will respect your religious or non-religious beliefs and practices as well as your culture and values.

Where will I stay?

Students will live in a comfortable homes atmosphere during their stay with a host family.  This includes a private room, a place to shower or bathe, and a quiet place to study.  Homestay families will provide necessary household items such as linens and towels.  The student's bedroom will be furnished, and includes a bed/bedding, desk or table, lamp, dresser, and closet.  Most homes are located within 200-300 meters of a bus stop that directly connects students to CCS campuses and downtown.  Students may arrange for a private TV cable, internet (if the family does not have an internet connection), and telephone connections.  The homestay family will respect each student's right to privacy and the student must practice the same courtesy.

Who provides my meals?

Full homestays:  The homestay family is responsible to provide a variety of nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) every day--including weekends.

Shared homestays:  The student buys, prepares, and cleans up after their own meals.  The student shares the kitchen with the homestay family.  The homestay family will help the student become familiar with the kitchen, the use of the kitchen appliances, and where food is stored.  They will also help students locate the nearest grocery stores and offer to take them when they shop.

What do I have to do while living with my homestay family?

Homestay families will not ask students to perform housework or babysit children.  In a full homestay, students must keep their own bedrooms clean and to keep personal items picked up in other areas of the home.  In a shared homestay, students must clean up after they make food.  If a student has a private bathroom, he/she is expected to clean it weekly.  The homestay family will provide what cleaning products they would like the student to use.

Are there any language restrictions?

Students choose to live in a homestay for many reasons, but the best one is to learn English more easily.  All homestay family members will be proficient in English and will speak only English when around the student.  Sometimes, in larger homes, two students might live with the same homestay family.  However, two students from the same country and language background are never placed with the same homestay family.

What about entertainment?  Do I have to be involved with what the homestay family is doing?

We encourage homestay families to do things with the students living with them as much as possible, but generally students are responsible for the cost of their own entertainment.  If your homestay family invites you to join them in an activity, make sure to ask what the cost will be.  If you don't want to participate, just let your homestay family know that you don't want to participate.  If your homestay family offers to pay your cost for the activity or event, and you want to participate, you are encouraged to accept their offer.

What should I do for transportation?

Homestay families are located in areas close to a bus route for easy transportation all over town, including both CCS campuses, malls, and other shopping locations.  The bus system map, can be accessed here:  Your homestay family is responsible for helping you find the best way to and from school before or on the first day of classes.  The homestay family, however, is not responsible to provide daily transportation.  Most homestay students can get to campus by bus within 30 minutes.

Do I have to have medical insurance?

Spokane has great, world-class health care facilities and services.  All international students must have health insurance while studying at CCS.   Students can buy medical insurance through the college with LewerMark Plus Injury and Sickness Plan.  See for further details.  Your homestay family will assist you in making appropriate health care decisions, such as making appointments, etc.  If there are any questions regarding health care, you can also contact the Global Programs Office.  

How are homestay families evaluated?

Homestay families are evaluated by the Homestay Manager through in-home visits, criminal background checks, and student evaluations.  Evaluations and information are all handled confidentially.  The Homestay Manager will also have students complete an interview once they leave the homestay in order to determine the future suitability of the host family to continue participating in the program.  

What does it cost for a homestay?
  • Full homestay (includes all meals)--$650/month
  • Shared homestay (no meals)--$400/month
  • Individual daily rate: Full--$21.75/day; Shared--$13.50/day.
  • Vacation rate--$10/day (when a student is away but maintains his/her belongs in the room).
  • Airport pickup--No charge, unless special arrangements are needed
  • Application fee--One time $200 fee is charged to all homestay student applicants.  This fee includes the initial placement as well as an additional placement if the initial homestay does not meet the student's needs.
  • Hometay families will discuss and complete a Homestay Agreement with their homestay student within the first week of placement.