Homestay Program

Apply for Homestay

Why do I want to live with a homestay family?

A homestay can help you

  • Improve your English communication skills
  • Experience US culture on a personal and daily basis
  • Build a long-term relationship with a family in the US
Most international students choose the CCS Homestay Program for their first place to live in Spokane. A homestay offers a stable and supportive environment while getting to know the surrounding area.

Tips for living with a homestay family
  • Check out our International Homestay Brochure and apply early. The best time to apply is when you apply for admission to CCS.
  • Give the homestay coordinator as much information as possible by using our homestay application form to tell us where you will be happiest. Consider things like smoking, strong religious preferences, dietary needs, whether you like children or pets, as well as other important issues.
  • Be flexible. Living with a host family means you are living with a family that loves opening their home to international students and wants to learn about your culture as much as you want to learn from them.
  • Be in touch with us about any problems that come up and let us know so we can help when an issue comes up.
Rememberwe are here to help you and to make your homestay experience one of the best you will ever have while living in the United States.
Our homestay coordinator:

Teresa Gay
Manager of Special International Programs and Study Abroad
Office: Bldg 17, Room 106C (SFCC); Bldg 15, 114 (SCC)
Phone: (509) 533-4131 (SFCC); (509) 533-8201 (SCC)