Living in an apartment in Spokane can be a great and exciting new experience for international students.  There are many options and we invite students to look at the links below to help them choose the best option for them.  Rent typically costs from $300--2000 per month, depending on the size, number of rooms, and the amenities you are looking for.

Off campus housing options in Spokane:

Important and Useful Terms

a legal contract between a tenant and a landlord (can often be for more than 1 month and often up to 1 year).

one who rents an apartment or house owned by someone else.

Landlord--the owner of the apartment or house.

Sublease--when a tenant rents out all or part of an apartment while still maintaining a lease with the landlord.  Be careful, as many leases do not allow for this.

Security deposit--money paid to the landlord as a guarantee in case of damage to the property or failure to complete the lease agreement.  All or part of this money can often be refunded.

Background check--an investigation into a person's credit and rental history done by the landlord to make sure you will be a good tenant.  This is done before you sign a lease.

Month to Month--when a lease is not signed but when a tenant rents from a landlord month by month without any obligation to stay beyond the month notice is given.

Giving notice--usually a written notice to the landlord of the tenants decision to leave the apartment.