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Immigration Advising Services

The Global Programs Center provides F-1 advising to all international students at Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS).  If you have quick student visa questions, you may ask for assistance at the front desk, or speak with an advisor either by appointment or during walk-in hours.

If you have questions that require more assistance, or are submitting application forms for immigration services (i.e., OPT, reinstatement, letters), then you will need to make an appointment with your primary advisor (either Katherine Thompson or Trina Allen).

Role of the Immigration Advisor (Designated School Official--DSO)

The advisors in the Global Programs Center at CCS will do their best to help you understand the regulations you must follow as an international student.

There are 5 DSOs at CCS: 

Lisa Avery
Teresa Gay
Trina Allen
Katherine Thompson
Dan Ferguson

In Status and Out of Status

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) believes it is your responsibility to understand the rules for your immigration status while you study in the United States.  By following the rules, you will be "in status."  However, if you break the rules (e.g., fall below full-time course load, overstay your visa), you will be "out of status."  This means you can no longer be a legal student in the US and that you must return home.

Do not ask your friends for advice!  Their experience isn't yours and to best assist you with current immigration information, we want you to see out professional assistance through our office.