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Four reasons you should study abroad:

1.  Studying abroad broadens your perspective of the world:
      • Experience a new culture
      • Gain perspective on what it means to live in a global community
      • Better understand your own culture and values

2.  Studying abroad offers you the chance to rapidly improve foreign language skills.

3.  Studying abroad provides personal growth.
      • Gain independence, confidence, maturity
      • Become open to new possibilities
      • Push yourself to move outside of your comfort zone

4.  Studying abroad is fun:
      • Try new foods, music, lifestyles
      • Visit significant monuments and sites
      • Make friends from around the world

So are you thinking of studying abroad?  Don't just thing about it.  Do it.

You can find out more about our specific programs below:




For more information, you can contact Allison Blizzard, the CCS Study Abroad Coordinator. 

Allison Blizzard
Interim Associate Dean of Global Education
SFCC Office: Building 5, Room 152
SCC Office:  Building 15, Room 114
(509) 533-3581