What should I do if I…?

If you are sexually assaulted:
  1. First, GET HELP.  Get to a safe place and report the incident to police.  Call 911 or campus safety at (509) 533-3333.  Sexual assault is a crime.  Even if you choose not to file a police report, police can help connect you to those who can offer support and guidance.
  2. If you need medical attention, go to one of the medical facilities listed on Resources & Contacts.
  3. Crisis counseling is available both in the community and through the colleges’ resources.
  4. Report the incident to college officials.  Contact the Title IX Coordinator’s office at (509) 533-7015 (SCC), (509) 533-3514 (SFCC), (509) 434-5037 (CCS), or campus safety at (509) 533-3333.

Sexual assault
Sexual assault includes any form of actual or attempted sexual activity perpetrated upon a person without that person's consent, including sexual behavior coerced through physical or verbal threats, force or other forms of manipulation and sexual behavior when one person cannot give consent due to incapacitation.

Sexual harassment
Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination consisting of unwelcome, gender-based verbal, written, electronic and/or physical conduct.  Sexual harassment does not have to be a sexual advance, however, as it can include offensive remarks about a person's gender.

Stalking is intentionally and repeatedly harassing or following a person and placing the person being followed or harassed in fear of physical harm to one's self or property or physical harm to another person or another's property.

If you are sexually harassed or stalked:
If someone has harassed or stalked you or made unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or threats for failure to engage in sexual relations, contact the Title IX Coordinator at
(509) 533-7015 (SCC),
(509) 533-3514 (SFCC),
(509) 434-5037 (CCS)
orcampus safety at (509) 533-3333.

The college will take appropriate measures to stop sexual harassment, including disciplinary action against the offender.