Sole source acquisitions

As provided in RCW 39.26.140 (1), purchases made after January 1, 2013 in amounts above $10,000, with more than 50% funds from State sources, will be posted on the State procurement site called "WEBS" and approved by the Department of Enterprise Services.

"Inspection copies" of the contract for the public may be found by clicking on the contract number below:
                                DES Reference                                                                                                 Date
Contract Number
       Number                            Contractor                                                                 Posted

2R71-21810               83459                              Multicare Health System                                         18 Apr 2013

2R71-24210               84903                              Multicare Health System                                         06 May 2014

2G40-25122               85132                              NW Commission on Colleges & Universities              14 Oct 2014

2R71-26500               86410                              Multicare Health System                                          01 Jun 2015